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Epson TW9000 & TW9000W Best Settings

29 September 2012

Please note this is not a subsitute for a full calibration, but a guide to give you an idea of the basic settings to be used out of the box.Colour Mode.

Lumagen's New and Truly Revolutionary Color Correction Technology

06 September 2012

Here's the problem.8-bit consumer video provides about 10 million colors (219x219x219 in RGB).

User review of Darblet

24 July 2012

Please note since this review has been written, Darbeevision have confirmed the units will ship with 1% increments ratehr than 5% giving even greater control.The Darbee Darblet right out of the box is extremely simple to integrate into your system and the remote and menu system is set out in such a way that you can get straight into using it without having to read a manual - and who read's manuals anyway :)I first tested it briefly with my plasma tv - watched a little cricket.

Setting the Contrast on a display (updated 7 July 2012)

07 July 2012

Setting the contrast, is made up of three steps.1.

Pansonic VT50 & Light Output

01 July 2012

The Panasonic VT50 is getting good reviews, and rightly so as it provides a very nice picture.Black levels are good, as is shadow detail and colour repoduction.

Why are projector screens so important?

31 May 2012

There are 4 options available, fixed, manual, electric and electric tab tensioned.If fixed is an option, this is always a preference, but in a lot of circumstances a screen may need to be retractable in some way, So we move onto the next options - manual and electric screens definitely fulfil a purpose, but if you can afford it a tab tensioned screen should be worth the extra investment as they should last longer as they have the tensioning to reduce the risk of ripples, curling etc.
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