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MiniDSP DDRC-88A Multichannel Audio Equalizer featuring Dirac

MiniDSP DDRC-88A Multichannel Audio Equalizer featuring Dirac

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RRP: £999.00
Ref: 88A

UMIK-1 Microphone:


Now on demo in our demo room..

Sold out

8xIN, 8xOUT Dirac Live® correction DSP with Balanced & unbalanced Input & output. Boxed in sturdy 1 RU metal enclosure..

Introducing the miniDSP Dirac Series, powered by Dirac Live®, the world's premier room correction solution. We are delighted to offer you this software and hardware combination, the fruit of many years of experience in sound system tuning and extensive research and development. The DDRC-88A is the big brother of the stereo DDRC platform introduced early 2014. Based on our proven 8x8 DSP board and miniSHARC powerful module, the DDRC-88A combines two successful & proven platforms into a cost effective one rack unit processor. An infrared remote learning feature and the front panel rotary encoder allow for control of the DDRC-88A processor without any need for a connected PC, once the processor is configured and filters loaded.

Customer feedback

Below is some of the feedback we have received from some of customers:

Just an update on my listening experience since calibrating with Dirac Live.

I continue to be astonished. For the last several nights as I have watched movies I have been totally entranced by the sound. My speakers have, as far as I can ascertain, been stolen and replaced with sounds which just seem to 'happen' in the room, completely unassisted by technology. The precision with which these sounds inhabit the room is uncanny. They occupy a real, three-dimensional space, and come and go with almost scary precision, as the soundtrack dictates. It is something similar to what I have always had but now seems to be 'snapped into focus', much like when focusing a camera lens and you suddenly hit the sweet spot where it focuses perfectly. Human voices are now real people, in the room with me. This too can be almost scary, but in a good way of course.

I can well understand my friend who, since calibrating with Dirac, is staying up into the small hours playing one CD after another. I feel the same, although it is less practical to listen to movies back to back (fortunately for my sleep). The sound is so seductive that I want it to go on and on. I am amazed that there can be this level of amelioration TBH. I have a greater emotional connection with what is on-screen than ever before. I would consider the price of the 88A to be irrelevant, compared to the additional pleasure I am getting from my HT and it has to represent one of the best purchases I have made.]

Sorry if this sounds somewhat 'gushing' but it is an honest appraisal of how I feel about the 88A and Dirac Live.”

And with regard to the presentation in our demo room:

I had a demo of the DDRC-88a at Ricky's (Kalibrate) today. We ran it with an Oppo 103 as the source as well as BM and decoding, this went via the DDRC-88 into a Rotel power amp, I don't know the model but it looked like an older one. The speakers were by Atlantic technology.

We watched a few clips and some music I brought with me. Basically, i really liked it. It sharpens everything up and reveals a more detailed, open, and precise soundstage. Dialogue in movies was greatly improved and seemed a lot more natural. Going from Dirac engaged to bypass was not pleasant once you were used to it. I decided i liked it enough to buy it.

Calibrating it was easy with a really nice interface. You can change the view to see each mic location clearly, and you can click on a position to remeasurement. It was ready to go in about 20 mins or so.

Dead easy!

Technical Specifications

Brief specifications

Processor 32-bit floating-point Analog Devices SHARC DSP
Input/output resolution 24 bits
Analog inputs
8 x unbalanced RCA
8 x balanced phoenix terminal blocks
Analog outputs
8 x unbalanced RCA
8 x balanced phoenix terminal blocks
Internal operating sample rate 48 kHz

What's included

Dirac Series audio processor — DDRC-88A
Universal 12 VDC power supply with IEC power cable
License for Dirac Live Calibration Tool multichannel for miniDSP
USB cables for Dirac Series audio processor and UMIK-1
UMIK-1 calibrated measurement microphone (if selected)
Printed Quick-start Guide
NOTE: The Dirac Live Calibration Tools Stereo for miniDSP software is only compatible with the provided UMIK-1 microphone for measurement.

System requirements

Microsoft• ® Windows® Vista® SP1/ XP pro SP2/Win7/Win8
Intel Pentium III or later processor, AMD Athlon XP or later (SSE required)
2 Gigabytes (GB) of RAM or higher
Two USB 2.0 ports
Administrative permissions for software and framework installation

MiniDSP DDRC-88A Multichannel Audio Equalizer featuring Dirac | Kalibrate Limited | Home Cinema products, Calibration, DVD Players, 3D Glasses | Audio Systems | Cinema Systems

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